3 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Self-Storage Unit

We’ve all been there: you’re about to move and suddenly realize that your self-storage unit is full of things you don’t even remember. But the solution to this problem isn’t as drastic as you might think—it’s actually pretty simple: Just go through your stuff! You might be surprised at what you find (or don’t find) once everything is out in plain sight. So today we’re going to discuss three reasons spring cleaning your self-storage unit can help make moving day less stressful.

It’s a good idea to clean out your storage unit when you’re getting ready to move in.

When you’re preparing to move into a new place, it’s a good idea to clean out your storage unit. Spring cleaning is the perfect time for this because it gives you an opportunity to get organized and make room for the things that will be coming with you into your new home. You can also use spring cleaning as an excuse to get rid of things that don’t need storing anymore–things like old clothes or furniture that doesn’t fit with the décor of your new place.

Spring cleaning has many advantages: It helps us become more efficient by streamlining our lives; it allows us time away from work so we can focus on other things; and it makes us feel better about ourselves because we’ve taken care of something important (like organizing all those bookshelves).

Spring cleaning can help you get organized.

Spring cleaning can be an excellent way to get rid of unwanted items and clutter, but there are also many other reasons for spring cleaning your storage unit. For example: You can use it as a place to store items that you don’t want to throw away, but don’t have room for at home or in another location. This includes things like seasonal decorations that may not be used until next year (or even later), furniture that has been replaced by newer models, clothing that no longer fits or is out of style, toys from when your children were younger–the list goes on!  You can use a self-storage unit as safekeeping for sensitive documents such as passports or birth certificates. These documents should always be kept somewhere safe so they’re available if needed quickly in case of emergency situations such as identity theft or natural disasters like floods where water damage could occur if these important papers weren’t properly stored away from moisture before disaster strikes!

It’s easy to start with a box of old, unwanted items and work from there.

It’s easy to start with a box of old, unwanted items and work from there. You can always do more if you have time or energy left over (and you may find that you’ll want to), but it’s also okay if that box doesn’t get touched until next year.

You might be thinking “I don’t have time for this.” You probably do! You just haven’t made the time yet because there are so many other things competing for your attention: work, family obligations, social plans…the list goes on. But once those other things are out of the way and you’re home alone in front of your storage unit with nothing else pressing on your schedule, then cleaning it out will be easier than ever before–and it’ll feel amazing too!

A self-storage unit can hold more than just boxes and furniture.

You can store items that you don’t want to throw away but aren’t ready to part with.

You may have a few heirlooms or valuable pieces of furniture that are taking up space in your home. Storing them in a self-storage unit allows you to keep these items safe, until such time as they’re needed again (or sold).

You might also have some items which belong elsewhere–for instance, if you move into an apartment without enough room for all of your stuff and want to keep some things at home rather than pay extra rent on storage space elsewhere. In this case, a self-storage unit is ideal because it allows easy access whenever needed while still keeping everything secure from theft or damage due to weather conditions like floods or fires (which would typically be more common during the summertime months).


Spring cleaning is a great way to get organized and get rid of old items that you don’t need. A self-storage unit can help you clear out your home so that you have more space to store things like seasonal decorations or boxes full of documents from years past. It’s also easy to start with a box of old, unwanted items and work from there!