4 Key Benefits of Storage Insurance

No matter if you are running out of room at your home or you’re in the middle of moving, there are a multitude of reasons why additional storage space might be the smartest option for you. While you expect the utmost security from any facility that you are storing your goods at, however, Insurance will protect your possessions even further. Here at Annacis Lockup, we believe that insurance is a must-have, you just never know if, or when something might go wrong. Here are the top 4 reasons why it is so important to ensure your storage unit:

Four Benefits of Having Storage Insurance

1. Water & Weather Damage

Like every other building, the facility has plumbing that runs through the walls and roof to keep out the elements. If anything goes wrong, which is not unlikely, with either of those two components water could find its way into your storage unit and damage your electronics, documents, wood and any other valuables you are storing. In Vancouver we are known for the heavy rainfall and snow, the extreme weather can cause damage or floods to your unit. Just like homeowners, and renters flooding is not covered unless special flood insurance is purchased.


2. Extension of Coverage

First, you should ask the storage facility if they are willing to accept your current homeowner renters insurance policies. Those policies will be good in the meantime however, there are more downfalls to only having your homeowners insurance. Most home insurance policies contain a section which extends coverage to belongings that are not stored on residential property. Keep in mind that these policies may have many inconvenient restrictions, for example, the insurance coverage may be only temporary which may be too short for any of your storing needs, or it may limit the amount of coverage that you’re allowed. With storage insurance, your coverage continues indefinitely for as long as you are renting the storage unit, and after any amount of time of your choice.


3. Extra Peace in Mind

Being able to fall asleep at night knowing your valuable items are safe is exactly what having insurance can provide you with. You have stored your sentimental and monetary possessions in a unit to be safe and protected. When you visit your local storage facility, you can’t help notice the safety features that are onsite. This includes cameras, electronic access points, sprinklers and other safety measures. These measures are put into place to protect people’s goods in their storage units, though there is no 100% guarantee against all possible hazards. Unexpected hazards include floods, fires or other unfortunate events. Even if the facility has the best locks and the most attentive security there is still a possibility of theft occurring. If you are a victim of theft, you will be very glad that you had storage unit insurance to replace your valuable possessions the were stolen. So what’s the point in taking those chances when you have the option to protect all your property with storage unit insurance? There is none, insurance is the safest option for everyone looking to invest in a self-storage unit.


4. May Be a Requirement

By law, a storage company is allowed to require insurance that is one of the biggest reasons why people have storage unit insurance, it’s because the storage facilities require them to do so. Essentially it is the same as when landlords require their tenants to have renter’s insurance as a condition of renting their property. On the other hand, many people would likely skip this very important step if insurance was not required. Be sure to ask your storage company well in advance what their policy is, on storage unit insurance.


Insurance is there to protect your belongings in case anything happens to them. It would be a shame to lose all your prized positions, especially since there is the option to choose insurance that will ensure the safety of your storage or provide replacements in the event that an accident occurs. We hope you have a better idea of why storage unit insurance is important and beneficial to the safety of your property. You can get the most comprehensive coverage possible. If you have any further questions about self-storage or storage unit insurance please contact us on our website at Annacis Lockup and talk to one of our live operators. Call us at 604-527-0388 or email us at info@annacislockup.com