5 Tips on How to Store Rugs Without Ruining Them

Being able to put our belongings into a self-storage unit can be extremely convenient. Not only does it provide a valuable service for transitional periods in our life, whether we are going through a move or some other kind of upheaval. It is also a necessary service for individuals who go without storage space in their primary homes, or for individuals who run a business or hobby that requires the storage of large amounts of equipment.


However, there are some items that demand more care and consideration when storing. Rugs, which are often family heirlooms or high ticket items, are one of these items. In this article, we will go over five tips on how to store rugs without ruining them so that you can retrieve your beloved belongings in the same pristine state that you left them in.


Five Tips of How to Store Rugs


1. Clean the Rug Beforehand

It may seem counterintuitive to clean a rug before putting it in a storage unit, but it’s the most important step to take if you want to ensure that your rug will keep hold of its integrity throughout its time in storage.


The best way to clean your rug is to treat it with special detergent and remove it from all its stains before letting it dry completely. However, if it is not possible to be this thorough, it is also acceptable if you simply dust and vacuum the rug before storing it.


One important thing to note, though — you should never store a rug that has not been given the opportunity to dry completely as doing so would likely result in mould or mildew. If you are concerned about the amount of time that it takes to dry a rug, you can have a professional do it for you — they often have large, industrial dryers.


2. Reconsider the Protective Plastic

If your first instinct when preparing a rug for storage is to wrap it in a plastic covering, you’re not alone. This would be the logical step for many people. However, plastic is not the greatest material to wrap your rug in, as it doesn’t give rugs a chance to get at the air and “breathe”. It’s much better to wrap your rug in paper or even fabric.


In order to properly store your rug in fabric, you will want to choose a soft material such as a cotton sheet to wrap around your rug, for at least one or two layers. You will then want to make sure that you secure the fabric using tape.


If you prefer, it is possible to buy a protective casing for your rug — these are known as rug wraps.


3. Roll Up the Rug

Rolling up your rug is not only an easy way to conserve the space in your storage unit — it’s also the form that keeps your rug best protected. By rolling your rug, you avoid the risk of creating creases and cracks. You should never fold a rug to store it.


To roll a rug correctly, it will usually mean rolling your rug with the “pile” (the part with the fibres) inwards. Try to roll your rug in a manner that is as straight as possible. This may require one or more people to successfully complete. If you still find it too difficult to roll up a rug, you may want to invest in a rod that is intended for rug rolling, though something similar like a metre stick can also work in a pinch.


4. Consider Insect Repellent

Even in the cleanest of storage units, there is still always the possibility that insects will find their way into a unit. This is just a reality of any building anywhere — we have these insects in our homes, too, we just don’t always notice them!


To keep your rug extra safe from bugs including moths and other pests, it is recommended that you spray your rug down with any one of the numerous insect repellents that you can find on the market. The only thing to keep in mind while buying a repellent is the material that your rug is made out of, as using the wrong insect repellent on the wrong rug could have an adverse effect.


5. Check Up On Your Rug

If you are planning to keep your rug in storage for an extended amount of time, it’s worth your while to check up on your rug periodically. This means entering your storage unit and unrolling the rug to check for signs of damage. It may also be a good idea to allow your rug to breathe by keeping it open to the air. Taking a lot at the whole rug will also help you to verify whether or not insects have had a chance to damage the rug in any capacity.


Bonus tip: since you’re going to be checking up on your rug on a semi-regular basis, you will also want to make sure that you are storing your rug in a place within your storage unit that is easily accessible.


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