7 Benefits of Using a Storage Unit for Your Business

Whether you’re a huge conglomerate or a small, locally owned business, companies of all sizes can benefit from renting self-storage units. Vancouver is notorious for renting too little space at too high of a cost. As such, businesses need to preserve the space they have.

If looking to relocate your office space or need some extra room in your current one, a storage unit can help keep your belongings safe and organized. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider renting storage for your business:

1.   Save on Inventory Storage

Companies that sell goods need a lot of space. Depending on what your business sells, storing inventory on-site can be costly and ineffective. Here’s why:

  • Firstly, it can be difficult to find adequate room to store your goods safely and comfortably. When prioritizing the aesthetic of your office space as well as the comfort of your staff, you may want to consider alternative storage options.
  • Secondly, storing on-site can really rack up the monthly bills. Whether it be upgrading the square-footage of your office to accommodate excess products, or renting more space on site, both will likely surpass the cost of a storage unit.

Therefore, Annacis Lock-Up Storage units are an affordable and space-effective solution for your business. Whether you’re looking to store excess clutter or are moving to a different workspace, the belongings of your business are safe with Annacis.

2.   Keep Documents Safe and Manageable

Running a business involves a great deal of paperwork. While the world is becoming increasingly digital, no business can fully escape some physical documentation. To avoid cluttering your office with piles of paperwork, self-storage lockers can keep your documents organized and accessible.

Provincial and federal regulations dictate those certain types of documentation need to be kept on hand. This can be tricky for businesses with minimal office space. Therefore, documents that aren’t regularly reviewed but cannot be disposed of can go into your unit. To increase organization and efficiency, consider storing the following papers:

  • Employee tax records
  • Customer logs
  • Job application forms
  • Resumes
  • Receipts
  • Yearly tax files

By storing files with Annacis Lock-Up, you’ll have easy access to your documents, without cluttering your office.

3.   Storing Furniture

Furniture not only takes up a lot of space, but it can be a pricey investment for businesses. Items such as desks, office chairs, tables, and technology are an expensive investment for a company. Therefore, it’s understandable that you don’t want to get rid of it, even if you’re not using it at the moment. While it’s good for occasional use, staring at empty desks doesn’t create a very positive atmosphere. Removing unused furniture from your office space can create a more inviting, lively, and productive environment.

When storing your furniture in a self-storage facility, you can free up office space while still holding on to your pricey pieces. Pro tip: protect the sides and corners of your furniture with blankets or towels to prevent damage and store small items in the desk drawers.

4.   Seasonal Items

Who doesn’t love ornaments at Christmas or ghosts for Halloween? While these are great for the holidays, no one wants to be staring at a dusty Santa statue year-round. Whether it be your office decorations or seasonal merchandise your business is not currently selling, self-storage units can keep them safe between the holidays.

5.   Storage for Home Businesses

Since Covid-19 restrictions forced majority of businesses to work remotely, many professionals have had to build home offices. Perhaps you’re heading back to the office and no longer need your one at home; or you’re sticking to your home office and need to rid your home of excess clutter. Either way, self-storage units can be your temporary or long-term solution as you continue to navigate your new work environment.

6.   Security For Your Belongings

Businesses need to protect their assets. Items such as furniture, technology, paperwork, confidential documents, personal belongings, etc. require safe and secure environments. When looking to store your business’s assets, there’s no better place than a secure, climate-controlled storage unit.

7.   Peace of Mind

Renting a unit keeps your items organized and secure. If your business has too many assets than you can keep track of, important items can go missing. Unattended products can be lost, stolen, vandalized, or forgotten about, resulting in loss for your company. Increase your peace of mind by storing your excess possessions in one highly secure, climate-controlled storage unit.

What’s Next?

If you’re looking to declutter your office space, Annacis Lock-Up Storage has the facilities for you. Our New Westminster storage units come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your business’s needs. Reach out today to find the best solution to your storage needs.