8 Must-Know Tips For Storing Christmas Decorations

It’s a bittersweet time. The presents are unwrapped, the tree is dropping needles left and right, and Christmas has commenced. While some get the post-Christmas blues, many love to revert their home back to its usual, tinsel-free state. Before you lug the storage bins out of their hiding spots, it’s important to be mindful when packing up your Christmas décor. While it’s great to get back to normal, no one wants to open a box of crushed ornaments next December. So, whether you’re an organization fiend or someone who’s looking for a touch of guidance, here are 8 tips to store your Christmas décor safely and efficiently:


1. Cinch Your Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the largest piece of Christmas décor in your house: the tree. If you opted for a real tree this year, you can easily recycle it in Vancouver. However, if you’re storing an artificial Christmas tree, the process is a little more involved. The best way to keep the structure protected is by using the original box it came in – easier said than done, I know. While it’s no easy feat, there are ways to get that expanded tree back in the box. Using old belts or thick rope, horizontally cinch the branches together. Even if you don’t have the original box, this will protect the branches while in storage.

2. Use See-Through Storage Bins

Christmas décor accumulates quickly. Before you know it, you’ve got hundreds of decorations in an array of storage boxes with no rhyme or reason. To make the process easier, use clear, see-through storage bins so you can see what’s what. If you really want to maximize your storage efficiency, try organizing your Christmas tree ornaments by colour. Not only will this look good while stacked on the shelf, but it’ll also help disperse the colours evenly across your tree for next year.

3. Wrapping Paper

Keeping wrapping paper in good condition can be tough. Thanks to the awkwardly long design of the roll and the delicacy of the paper, tears and wrinkles are practically a given. But not with this hack! Protect your holiday paper by storing the rolls in a garment bag. You can then hang them in the closet or storage room until next year’s wrapping session.

4. Protect Delicate Ornaments

While you can purchase designated ornament storage boxes, there is a much cheaper alternative if you’re looking to save a little cash this holiday season. Place your delicate ornaments in plastic cups (i.e., red solo cups) and stand these cups at the bottom of a box. Cover with a sheet of cardboard and repeat until the box is full.

5. Organize Your Spare Bulbs

Ever buy a new strand of Christmas lights and have no idea what to do with the spare bulbs in the box? While these are important to keep on hand, they’re easily misplaced. To ensure you can find these replacement bulbs when you need them, store the spare ones in pill boxes. Just make sure to clearly label the box so you know which string the bulbs belong to (i.e., tree, rooftop, etc.). Not only does this keep them safe and organized, but it also prevents you from buying replacement bulbs next year.

6. Wrap Your Lights

When it comes to Christmas lights, it’s tough to avoid the tangles and knots these beaming strings bring. However, with this simple hack, you can skip the stress this holiday season. Try cutting heavy cardboard or veneer into 1” squares and wrapping your string of lights around them. This keeps them tangle free and easy to unroll for next season.

7. Utilize Flat Storage

Rather than use typical storage boxes, pack your Christmas décor in flat storage totes or boxes. This is a great tip to protect more delicate decorations, as this style of storage box has more surface area, preventing you from piling decorations on top of each other. They’re also very easy to stack in your self-storage unit. So, if you’re short on space – which many Vancouverites are – you can keep your decorations nicely organized and protected, without compromising valuable storage space.

8. Use Self-Storage Units in Vancouver

To keep your Christmas decorations safe and out of the way, store them in your self-storage unit. It’s no secret that Vancouver real estate comes with limited storage space. That’s why our team at Annacis Lock-Up Storage is proud to offer one of the safest and most secure storage facilities in the area. There’s no better place to store your holiday décor than in our climate-controlled, reasonably priced self-storage units in New Westminster. Contact our team today to learn more about our storage facilities.