Are Self Storage Units Safe?

Keeping your items safe from theft or harm is simple if you store them at home. You know you can rely on your locks when you’re not there, and the rest of the time you keep an eye out for trouble while you’re at home. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for every self-storage unit out there. While there are plenty of reliable self-storage facilities that offer peace of mind and security, you need to know what to look for to ensure your stuff will be safe. To help you determine how safe your belongings will be at a given self-storage facility, take a look at some of the following things that determine safety levels.

Safety Levels of Self Storage

1. Basic Security

To get started, lets take a look at some basic security features that you should expect from any self-storage facility. If you find that the storage place in question doesn’t feature any, or even just one of these, you may be better off looking elsewhere for storage. These features include the following:


  • Gated – The facility must have some type of gate where you need to identify yourself to be let in. Sometimes this means you will have to enter a security code to open the gate electronically, and sometimes you will have to identify yourself in person at the facility. Either way, having a gate is a basic aspect of any storage facility security.
  • Sufficient Lighting – Plenty of storage facilities offer 24-hour access to their customer’s convenience. That means that the entire facility should be well lit at all times for safety.
  • Management Presence – While most 24 hour facilities won’t have someone on-site at all times, there should be someone available during business hours.


2. Enhanced Security

For those looking for a little more in terms of safety and security from their storage facility, there are additional security measures to be aware of. These features are less common, but there are still plenty of storage facilities in the Greater Vancouver area that can offer these features.


  • Video Surveillance – This can be a major deterrent for thieves at all times, especially if the surveillance cameras are well placed and backed up digitally.
  • Alarmed Storage Units – Another way more storage facilities are keeping their customer’s items safe is with alarmed looks on storage unit doors.
  • On-Site Monitoring – Some storage facility owners and managers can provide 24/7 monitoring because their homes are either on-site or adjacent to the storage property.


Useful Questions For Self Storage

If you are ready to start shopping for a storage facility to keep your own items, there are some helpful questions you can ask that will give you a solid idea of how safe a place may be. Asking the following questions can put you on the right track to finding the ideal storage facility in Delta.


1. Is this facility insured?

This should be an easy question for the facility to answer. If they cannot provide proof of insurance or a breakdown of the kind of liability and damages they are prepared to take on, it is likely a red flag. This insurance question can also involve how the facility typically handles losses caused by any number of reasons. This is also a good chance to assess the level of responsibility you may have to take on in case of damages or losses at your unit.


2. How often are the units maintained?

            While most storage facilities will offer basic cleaning and maintenance, this does not come standard everywhere. You definitely don’t want to leave your items somewhere that haven’t been bothered with for an extended period of time. This can put your belongings at greater risk of becoming damaged or wet if there are any leaks in a poorly maintained storage locker.


3. Is there climate control?

Sometimes you will have to store items that may be sensitive to outdoor temperatures. That means you may require a storage facility with climate controls. Furthermore, you may not have access to these controls, meaning you will have to make sure your facility is kept at an adequate temperature at all times.


What You Can Do?

Keeping your items safe and well maintained in the storage means you will have to do a few things on your own. To help you prepare with the appropriate safety measures, take a look at the following tips listed here.

1. Get the Best Lock You Can?

A tough lock that can stand up to both tampering and the elements (in outdoor facilities) is the ideal choice for any storage unit. Most lockers will only fit a standard-sized combination or padlock, so keep that in mind when purchasing the right-sized lock. Plenty of locks now days are resistant to bolt cutters and another tampering as well, so keep an eye out for one with those anti-theft features.


2. Try to Find Indoor Storage

Outdoor storage can be very secure, but there is an extra layer of security that comes with indoor storage facilities. Most of these facilities are equipped with electronic keypads that allow access only to those who have the right code.


3. Keep Your Code Private

Many storage facilities are equipped with plenty of anti-theft measures. Unfortunately, if someone gains access to your passcode, you can’t expect those security measures to work in your favour. That is why it is always best to keep the code as private as possible. In cases where it may be compromised, contact your facility manager to change it as soon as possible.


For more helpful tips and advice about assessing the security of your local New Westminster storage facilities, feel free to contact Annacis Lockup with your questions today!