Are You Moving Your Summer Belongings to Self-Storage?

Now that the summer days will soon be over here in New Westminster, the leaves are beginning to change and sadly, colder temperatures are on their way.  What can you do to prepare for the season ahead? Well first of all, now is the best opportunity to begin sorting through your summer belongings. Before you shove your patio furniture and other summer equipment away in your garage, take a few minutes to organize and de-clutter.

Like many New Westminster residents, you may quickly discover that you simply do not have the space to store your valuable items without causing a mess…Sound familiar? This is a common problem for several residents…The good news?  Self Storage provides a secure, pest-free means of protection until you require your belongings again.

What Items Should You Place in Self Storage for the Upcoming Season?

  1.  Summer sporting equipment such as canoes, kayaks, and sailboats should be placed in self-storage over the winter months, to keep them away from cold temperatures. It’s unlikely you’ll be needing them again until spring, so instead of cramming these items in your garage, consider a climate-controlled self storage unit, in which they will be kept in ideal storage conditions.
  2. Unless you have plans to camp out this fall or winter, tents, tarps, chairs and additional camping gear can definitely be stored away. Sure, they may not take up as much room in your basement or garage, as a canoe would but why expose it to potential mildew or mould formation? Moving your camping gear to self-storage means you don’t have to worry about these issues, and you’ll know exactly where to find your items when camping weather arrives again.
  3. Since you won’t be planting flowers anytime soon, storing your garden tools away in a protective spot only makes sense. Plus, you can use this opportunity to give them a quick clean-up, saving you from completing this process next spring when you’re itching to begin planting! Again, moving these items to a self storage facility prevents them from rusting or sustaining other damage.
  4. If you own a swimming pool, the pool cover and hoses should be placed in a secure spot where they will remain in-tact for next season. A pool is a hefty investment, and if these materials are exposed to the winter elements, they may be prone to ruptures or cracking. It’s simply not worth chancing.
  5. Lastly, it’s doubtful you’ll be wearing your bathing suit, shorts and, t-shirts for much longer (unless you’re vacationing of course) so why store your nice summer clothing away in your closet? Keep them smelling and looking fresh with lots of air circulation. Your self storage unit will prevent them from becoming damp or musty.

At Annacis Lock-up Storage in Greater Vancouver’s New Westminster, BC, we have a variety of self storage unit sizes to fit your particular needs and budget. You can count on our storage services to provide the highest security for your summer belongings. Our 80,000 square foot building of concrete and steel construction offers climate controlled radiant heated as well as clean and dry secured storage of our customer’s property. Get in touch with us today to reserve a storage unit! Call 604-527-0388