Can You Really Live in a Vancouver Storage Locker? This Guy Did.

Living in a storage locker? Sounds pretty crazy, but one Vancouver man actually pulled it off! For a little while at least. By now you may be familiar with tiny homes, which are designed to save a serious amount of space while reducing a person’s carbon footprint. The average tiny home will rarely exceed 500 square feet in size. Compared to a typical 10×10 foot storage locker, that actually doesn’t seem very tiny at all. A lot of the space needed for things like a bathroom or kitchen/dining area in a tiny home just isn’t there in a storage locker that has been re purposed as a living space. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to live in a storage locker. It just takes a little creativity and planning.

The young man from Vancouver who managed to live in a storage locker for a couple of months was able to do so by running electricity to his locker from inside the storage facility. He also was able to rig up some inexpensive shelving and storage areas to make the most of his limited space. With a little planning he was able to fit a double bed, a large flat screen TV, as well as some small appliances and a storage area for his clothes. Since the monthly cost of renting a climate controlled storage unit was roughly a fifth of the average rent cost, he was also able to save a lot of money.

While it might seem like a clever way to avoid the high rent prices in a large, expensive city like Vancouver, you may want to think twice before moving into a storage unit yourself. A quality storage unit can be the perfect place to safely store valuable belongings in a dry, secure area. When it comes to living in a storage locker however, the risk does not outweigh the rewards. It is against the law to live in a storage unit of any kind, and most companies take security measures to prevent people from doing so. Despite the laws preventing people from living in a storage unit, the fact that someone managed to pull it off, if only for a short time, should indicate how safe and secure any valuables will be in storage. For more information about keeping your belongings in a storage unit so well kept you could live in it yourself, feel free to contact the friendly staff at Annacis Lockup today!