Declutter Your Storage Unit This Summer

Looking to declutter your self-storage unit this summer? Vancouver is home to huge University campuses, seasonal sports, and oftentimes minimal residential square-footage. In order to maximize the space you have and keep your belongings safely stored, consider the self-storage facilities at Annacis Lock-Up Storage. You can declutter your home this summer by storing away your winter skis to make room for your flutter board. But don’t let this excitement result in a messy storage unit. To maximize efficiency and room, here are 6 tips on how to best organize your self-storage unit to avoid clutter.

6 Tips to Declutter Your Self-Storage Unit

1.    Make a clear pathway

With all the items you have stored, the piles of boxes, the random lamps, and the knick-knacks, it’s important to make a clear path for you to navigate your way in and out of your self-storage unit. In doing this, you create a safer and more efficient environment to start your decluttering process. You’ll avoid tripping hazards and save time on trying to hopscotch your way through the unit.

2.    Keep a list

It’s easy to forget little details when you’re moving your possessions into storage. During the move-in process, keep a list of the items you’ve stored and save it for later. When you’re panicked looking for that one pair of summer shoes that you stored away last winter, you can reference your “in storage” list to avoid ripping through your closets at home.

3.    Placement within the storage-unit

  • Organize by Season

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of decluttering your home when moving your belongings into storage. Once you realize how much space you’re creating for yourself, the more you add to storage without considering the timeline of when you’ll be needing them next. When moving into your storage unit, consider when you’ll be wanting to use certain items, especially if they’re seasonal. For your summer goods like kayaks, rollerblades, or lawn chairs, consider storing them together, and in an easy access area. When categorizing your items by season, you not only organize your unit, but you increase efficiency and ease in taking those items out of your storage.

  • Organize by Room

A great method to organize your self-storage unit is to store by room. When you’re packing up your belongings, going room by room helps keep track of what is being stored and allows for easier retrieval down the road. For example, start by packing up your kitchen, then living room, bathroom, bedroom, closets, backyard, etc. Store these items in labelled moving boxes and when it comes to placing them inside your unit, you can make a road map of where these “rooms” are in your unit. It could be helpful to bring a piece of paper so you can make note of where things are, so that you’re not rummaging through your well-packed boxes looking for that one set of BBQ tongs.

4.    Protect your belongings from the heat

When storing over the summer, it’s important to consider how heat will affect your belongings. Too much humidity in your storage-unit could inflict lasting damage to your possessions, especially in a city like Vancouver. Climate controlled units such as the ones offered by Annacis Lock-Up Storage, are a great way to safely store your possession in the hot Vancouver heat. You can store with confidence knowing that your items are being kept at an optimal temperature to best protect them long-term.

5.    Protect yourself from the heat

If you’re going to be making several trips to your storage unit over the summer, make sure you prioritize your well-being and plan accordingly. Moving items in and out of storage in Vancouver can be an exhausting task, especially when done in the peak summer months. Plan to go in the early mornings or late evenings to avoid the hottest times of the day. The facilities will likely be less busy at these times too, so you can have more space for your move and avoid the traffic of other storage users. Wear light, breathable clothing and have some water bottles on hand, just in case.

6.    Reserve Early

Storage units are a hot commodity in the summertime, especially in Vancouver with all the seasonal sports and universities in the area. As such, many storage facilities reach full-capacity early-on. Reserving early allows you to choose the best unit for your needs and avoids you missing the window all together. As soon as you know that you’ll be needing a unit, do your best to reserve one right away.

Reserve a Unit

With Annacis Lock-Up Storage, you can book one of their temperature controlled, self-storage units in advance. The friendly staff and easy to use facilities will make storing this summer a breeze. Reserve a unit today with Annacis Lock-Up Storage.