Find The Right Storage Unit

Having Trouble Finding The Right Storage Unit?

There’s nothing worse than having to rent three storage units because you didn’t properly assess your needs. Are you downsizing? Perhaps, you’re sacrificing your short term accommodations as you build your dream house in the woods?


Whatever your situation make sure to rent the storage unit that’s right for you and your belongings.
First – Determine how much space is needed? Know exactly what you’ll be storing and for how long. Once you know the particulars, you can call for a quote.
If you planned to just throw in a few boxes and a bicycle – yet when the day comes to move your stuff, you can only store 5 boxes because the 3 furniture items took up all the room – then what happens? You end up needing more units – this way of doing things can easily double or triple the cost as well as your stress levels.

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Know what you need and know what you’ll use the space for.
It’s important to know what you’ll be storing for the main reason of whether or not you’ll need a heated unit. If, for example, you’re storing antique furniture pieces, you’ll need a heated unit to preserve those cabinets and ensure your well taken care of items, remain beautiful.
If you’re storing electronic items and the storage unit freezes up through winter… not so much fun when it comes time for you to rescue your cameras and computers.

Most storage company service agents are knowledgeable in knowing what you need, based on the information you provide them with. If you tell them you’re storing a ‘bunch of patio furniture’ they’ll need more details than that… If you keep your request too vague – the service person will misquote you and offer a unit that’s either too big or way too small.

If, on the other hand, you called and stated you needed to store ‘a BBQ, some patio chairs, maybe a patio table and some gardening tools – for around 3 months’… the service agent, in this case, can provide you a quote for exactly what you need. You would likely receive a better price as well. Another useful, common way to request a quote would be to state you needed to ‘store the equivalent of a one bedroom apartment – mention the main furniture inclusions and provide a guestimate of how many boxes you’ll be storing’. These kinds of details allow for a much smoother process. In other words, communication is key.
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