Heading Back to School?

Save Money When Renting a Self-Storage Unit

It’s that wonderful time of year again! The kids are heading off to school again for the year, and with all the excitement of the end of the summer now passed, it might be a good time to think about clearing out some space around the house. It’s amazing how quickly things can start to get cluttered inside when the cold weather arrives, with all the extra clothes and outerwear that come out to take up more closet space, combined with the lack of available storage outside. The perfect solution to resolve any issues that come up due to a lack of storage space in and around the house is to get yourself a secure self-storage unit. Before you do however, there are a few tips you may want to consider that will help you save money and choose the best storage space for your needs.

Clean and Sort Before Storing

Before you even decide on what size and type of storage unit you will need, it is a really good idea to decide on what items you will need to store in your house. A great way to narrow this list of items down is by cleaning any trash or unwanted items out of your house. This includes old toys, clothes that are worn out or too small, broken electronics or small appliances and even old furniture. Many items that you no longer need or want don’t necessarily have to be thrown away either. There are a number of charities that are always accepting donations, or you may even want to have a little yard sale before the weather gets too cold. Once you know what items you definitely don’t want to keep or store, it will be far easier to determine what your storage needs will be when the time comes to select a unit.

Pack Efficiently

Finally you can put those Tetris skills to work! Packing efficiently in your storage unit will go a long way towards saving you money as well as space. Remember to think vertically and stack lighter boxes and items on top of heavier ones as often as you can. It is also a good idea to use boxes that you know you will be able to fill, rather than larger boxes that may not be full but will still take up space. Finally, it is a good idea to plan your packing in a way that leaves a small path between your items that you can use to get easy access to your stuff, wherever it may be located in the unit.

Rent for Extended Periods of Time

A great way to save money on a storage unit is by renting it for a long period of time. Most self-storage facilities offer discounts on long term rentals and will even offer a free month of storage. You will usually have to commit to a unit for six or more months to receive any kind of significant discount, but the savings will make this commitment a worthwhile investment. Also, if you still want to save by renting on a long term basis, but are unsure of how much use you will get out of the unit, it is sometimes best to split the cost with a friend or neighbour and share the storage unit.

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