How to Save Time On Moving Day With Storage Pre-Rental?

Moving is an overwhelming process. Not only are you packing a lifetime of belongings into a series of boxes, but there is a physical and mental toll that comes with switching homes. Just like arranging your movers (or strategically guilting your friends and family into helping), it’s important to plan ahead when you can.

When you have a million things to plan and consider, time is an invaluable resource. You can save time and stress by pre-renting your storage unit. Meaning that on the day, all you need to do is move in and know that your belongings are being safely stored on your behalf.

How Pre-Renting Saves Time?

No need to fuss with booking on the day. Have your space rented and ready to go so that when you show up, all you need to do is move into your new unit.

Benefits to Pre-booking:

  1. No Last-minute Paperwork to Sign

    • When you’re stressed and in a rush, there is nothing worse than waiting around for excess documents to be printed and signed. By pre-booking, you can have this sorted and behind you, making this process as streamlined and efficient as possible.
  2. Save Money On Movers

    • When you’re paying for movers by the hour, every second count. By pre-booking a unit, you minimize this cost by cutting down the waiting time.
  3. Properly Sized Unit Reserved and Ready

    • Don’t risk overpaying for space that you don’t need. By pre-booking a unit, you can gain a clear estimate of how much space you’ll require.
    • You’ll also want to avoid booking too little space. You can bypass the stressful realization that you underestimated the amount of storage space you need by booking ahead of time.
  4. Gate-code Assigned For Easy, On-the-day Access

    • Need to book ahead? No problem. Not only can you reserve a unit, but you will be provided a personalized gate code for easy access on the day of your move. No need to wait around, simply punch in your code and start storing.
  5. Access to Money-saving Promotions

    • A great advantage to pre-booking a unit is access to potential money-saving promotions. By booking early, you may be eligible for special pricing depending on the size and availability of your locker needs. You can stop by Annacis Lock-Up facilities or give them a call at 604-527-0388 to find out about their latest promotions.

The Pre-Renting Process

You have a few options when it comes to pre-booking a storage unit.

  1. Pre-book In Person

    • Feel free to stop by the Annacis Lock-Up facilities for a personalized tour. An in-person visit lets you view the space to best evaluate your storage needs. In doing this, you can make sure you’re booking the right-sized unit to accommodate your belongings and avoid overpaying for unnecessary space.
    • By pre-booking in person, there is no need to stop by the office on moving day, unless you’d like to say hi. You can have all of the paperwork signed beforehand so that the only step left is to start storing.
  1. Pre-book Online

    • Annacis Lock-Up’s self-storage facility is so easy to use, it’s just like renting a hotel room. You can reserve a unit that is best suited to your needs and timeline, by filling out this online form. An Annacis specialist will reach out to discuss your inquiry and confirm the booking. When moving day arrives, you can finalize your personal rental agreement in person at their facilities.
    • Not sure how much space you’ll need? Use this online calculator to find the approximate size of the storage space required.

The Bottom-Line

Whether it’s a 400 square-foot studio apartment or a 3-story house, moving can be an overwhelming process. Pre-booking a storage unit is an easy way to save time, money, and stress for the big day.

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