How to Store Tires in Self Storage

Most drivers living in the areas of Vancouver and Richmond probably own a couple of sets of tires for winter and warm weather conditions. If this is true in your case, you are often going to have to store one set of tires for an extended period of time. Keeping your tires properly stored in a self storage unit will go a long way towards ensuring they stay intact and ready to roll when you need them. Below you’ll find some helpful tips that will allow you to keep your tires in top condition while they are sitting in self storage.

Clean the Tires

As they are driven around on the roads, tires accumulate a lot of dirt and dust from the road and your brakes as well. This dust that accumulates over time can actually reduce the lifespan of your tires, which are expensive components of your vehicle that are often a nuisance to have to get replaced. Furthermore, deteriorated treads on a tire can cause your car to handle poorly while driving, and may even pose a safety concern. To keep your tires from prematurely deteriorating, make sure you clean them with soap, water and a stiff brush before you put them in storage.

Don’t Stack Tires

While it may seem like the easiest way to store them, stacking tires on top of one another can add unnecessary stress which will damage the tires over time. Highly stacked tires also pose a safety threat, as they can easily become toppled. If you have tires that are already on rims, you should keep them standing upright, or better yet, hang them up by the rims to keep them safe from harm. Tires without rims should never be hung however, as they can become distorted by the hanger if left for an extended period of time.

Keep Tires Covered

The best way to protect your tires from any harm is to cover them in an air tight bag. Each tire is coated with a lubricating oil that can evaporate in the open air. Also, if your tires are regularly exposed to direct sunlight, the rubber can quickly become damaged or distorted, since black tires will absorb the heat from the sun.

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