How to Store Your Linens

Remember that feeling? After a long, laborious day at the office, you can finally collapse into a bed of fresh, clean, and crisp linen sheets. A key factor in this dream scenario relies on the condition of your linens. Now, there’s more that goes into maintaining their soft, silky makeup than how you choose to wash them. That’s right, the pristine condition of your linens is affected by how you store them as well. Strategic linen storage in Vancouver will help preserve both the colour and integrity of the fabric, during their long bouts of storage time while another set of sheets is in rotation.

Or perhaps you’re the type of person who has designated sheets for each season and need a long-term storage solution. While linens are great to keep you cool in the summer, you may opt for a thicker, softer set of flannel sheets in the winter months. If you need to store your linens long-term, proper storage is crucial. But not everyone has at-home storage in Vancouver or a designated linen closet available. So, what’s the solution?

Here’s how self-storage units in Vancouver can help keep your linens in pristine condition while they’re out of use:

Store in a Dark and Dry Space

Damp sheets in a warm setting are a recipe for disaster. Not only will this cause your linen sheets to reek of mildew, but they could also start to mold. While you could soak them in bleach to kill the mold, this will ruin the look and feel of the sheets; not to mention the bleached sheets could still pose as a health hazard. What’s the solution? Make sure the linen sheets are completely dry before folding them into storage. Then, you’ll want to keep them in a dark, dry space, such as our climate-controlled self-storage units in New Westminster.

Keep Them Contained

No one likes to sleep in dusty sheets. As such, when you pack your linen sheets up for the season, store them in a fabric-friendly container, such as a fabric bag. Not only will these protect your sheets, but fabric bags can also be thrown in the wash to maximize the freshness of your sheet storage.

Pro-Storage Tip: if you don’t have a fabric bag on hand, you can use a large pillowcase instead. These are easily washable and will keep your linens in one easy-to-find place.

Streamline Your Sheets

As mentioned above, a great way to keep your storage space neat and organized is to avoid overcrowding. We know that many Vancouver homes are short on space. Rather than jam ten sets of sheet and towel combinations into a closet, have designated linens for each season. For example, limit yourself to two or three sets of bedding and a few sets of towel collections per person. Then, you can safely store the remaining linens in your self-storage unit for optimal preservation.

Use Scented Sachets

This is a great tip to enhance the aroma of your stored linens. When you’re packing up your extra linen sheets, place scented sachets or dryer sheets between the folds. Throughout their time in your storage unit, they’ll absorb this comforting, clean scent to stay as fresh as can be.

Looking For Self-Storage Units in Vancouver?

Unfortunately, Greater Vancouver is not overflowing with in-house storage space. Many locals need to source self-storage elsewhere to keep their homes and offices organized, neat, and clutter controlled. That’s why we started a business dedicated to providing affordable, eco-friendly, and secure self-storage to the people of Vancouver. At Annacis Lock-Up Storage, we will keep your linens safe, dry, and stored for however long you need. Reach out to our team to chat with a self-storage expert today!