Indoor Climate Controlled Storage for Cars & Motorcycles

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Spring and summer are the perfect time to get that old hot rod out of storage and hit the open road. Lots of collectors and drivers spend all winter looking forward to when they can dust off their classic set of wheels and show their car or bike around town. The roads in Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland are about to be filled once again with the prized possessions of car enthusiasts everywhere. As you see all these shiny machines driving around this summer, you may wonder how these drivers keep their old cars in such great condition. The secret is simple: Indoor climate-controlled storage.

If you’re lucky enough to own a great classic car or motorcycle, you definitely don’t want to see the vehicle damaged or see its value compromised in any way. There are lots of ways you can go about winterizing and protecting your vehicle when it is in storage, but the only certain way to keep anything from going wrong is by keeping it secure in a climate-controlled space. Even if you keep your car covered and elevated in a dry enclosed space like a barn or a shed, there are a number of issues you can still encounter when you dust it off next spring.

One of those issues can actually be the presence of dust! We all know barns and sheds aren’t always the cleanest places, even if their primary use is for storage. The common problem found by car collectors who store their vehicles in these places is the constant movement of dust, mixed with periodic spikes in humidity. Dust can easily slip under the cover and into the vehicle itself, meaning you’ll have a major cleaning job on your hands the moment you take your car out of the storage unit. With any added humidity, the dust can turn into a film on your windows, the dashboard and even in the nooks and crannies of the handles or chrome features. This too can take time to clean when all you want to do is get the engine running again!

Keeping your collector car stored without climate control can also wreak havoc on the engine and the body itself. If there’s a way to get into any part of your car, water and moisture caused by rain and melting snow will find it. This can lead to more serious problems with the car, that will actually start to have a negative effect on performance and the value of the vehicle.

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