Moving Cardboard Boxes vs Rental Plastic Boxes: Pros & Cons

Moving is one of the most stressful tasks you can take on at any given point in your life. It requires a lot of planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. One aspect of a move that lots of people overlook is the type of moving boxes to use for the move. For the most part, people typically just pack their items in cardboard moving boxes. Plenty of moving and storage companies offer cardboard moving boxes for sale to help with your move. However, there are some companies that will give you the option to rent plastic boxes and containers for your move. The question now is which type of box is best for your move? To determine the benefits of a cardboard box vs a plastic box for your moving needs, take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Cardboard Moving Box Pros

Practically every moving company has a number of cardboard boxes for sale that come in a number of different sizes. These boxes aren’t meant for frequent use, but for a move where you plan on making a single trip, they are more than adequate to handle your belongings. One of the major benefits associated with buying your own cardboard moving boxes is the fact that you won’t be rushed to unpack them so you can give them back to someone. The wide range of sizes also makes it easier to plan what gets packed where, because certain items such as tall lamps, record albums and mirrors will have a designated box suited to their exact size and shape. Finally, although plastic is more rigid, corrugated cardboard moving boxes are made to be durable enough to handle bumps and scrapes that may occur in a moving truck. For their convenience, durability and versatility, you can’t go wrong with cardboard moving boxes.

Plastic Moving Box Pros

A plastic moving box gives you a lot more peace of mind when it comes to moving fragile items thanks to their hard outer shell. In addition, it is far safer and easier to stack plastic boxes on top of one another. You can also rest assured that heavier packed plastic boxes will not let items burst out of the bottom the way some cardboard boxes are prone to do. If you plan on storing items for an extended period of time before or after you move, you will definitely want to use plastic boxes. They are completely water resistant, and they do not attract bugs or other unwanted pests such as silverfish. Finally, if you are looking to complete your move in a short time span, you may want to use plastic boxes that don’t need to be sealed with tape, reopened using a box cutter, or flattened down for recycling. Simply empty the box and stack it back in the truck to be sent back to the movers.

Cardboard Moving Box Cons

Cardboard does have some drawbacks, especially if you plan on leaving items in their boxes for an extended period. Cardboard is extremely susceptible to water damage, and in some cases it can even attract insects and pests that will damage your clothing or belongings, and potentially infest your new home or apartment. Once you’re finished your move, you will also need to take time to flatten and recycle any old moving boxes, which takes time that you may not otherwise be willing to spend on your busy moving day.

Plastic Moving Box Cons

Many plastic boxes are rented by moving companies, meaning after your move you will need to make sure every box is emptied and ready to send back to the movers. This can put pressure on you to finish your move faster. Although they are stronger, due to their shape, a plastic tote may take up more space in a moving van, meaning you’ll be able to move less items at once, and this may cause you to make multiple trips you otherwise wouldn’t have to take if you use smaller, more compact cardboard boxes.

For the most part, it really depends on things like your moving schedule, the type of items you’re moving, and the amount of money you want to spend on moving when deciding between cardboard boxes vs plastic boxes for your move. For more tips and information about the best moving and storage methods that will keep your belongings safe and sound, feel free to contact the team at Annacis Lockup today!