Preparing Home for the Holidays

Forget spring cleaning! Winter cleaning is even more important. You’ll need to organize your home for the holidays so your decorations can fit. And if you’re inviting family over, you don’t want them to see an unorganized home, do you?

How can you do this? Here are a few quick ways to clean up your home.


Try the Attic or the Basement!

If your home has an attic, basement, storage shed, or any other extra room to store your belongings, put them in there. Out of sight is truly out of mind, and even if your attic is cluttered, your family shouldn’t care. Some important tips:

  • Put everything in labeled boxes so you don’t have to worry about turning your attic upside-down.
  • Store only the stuff that you really don’t need to use any time soon. Don’t put something away that you’ll need later!
  • Have no attic or basement? Try a closet. With some clever organizing, you can be able to fit everything in there.

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Focus on the Entryway!

When you’re inviting your family over for the holidays, the entrance in the best impression. If you’re scrunched for time and cannot clean every inch of your house, focus everything on the entryway first. Organize everything so that the entrance looks great. Dust everything and place a warm, welcoming mat for your guests. If you have the time, maybe you can give your foyer a quick coat of paint.

Don’t Forget About the Kitchen!

If you’re looking for another place to clean, remember that most of your family get-together will be in the kitchen. Give your table a cleaning, organize your spice rack, clean up your fridge, clean out your oven, and leave your kitchen sparkling.

Afterwards, the two other rooms you should tackle are the restroom and the living room. Once you have those cleaned, you’re good to go.

Get Rid of Some Stuff!

Do you really need those clothes you haven’t worn in years? What about that table that’s taking up space and is never used? Look at your belongings and see if there’s anything you can depart with, and try selling it. If you can’t get someone to buy it, donate! Many people could use cheap furniture, clothes, and anything else you don’t need, for the holidays. The holidays are about giving, after all.

Try Storage Unit Rentals!

Finally, if you have no extra space to get rid of your belongings, and you can’t find anything you can get rid of, rent a storage space! You simply pay for a space and can put your belongings inside until you’re ready to take them out. For those looking for storage in New Westminster, we’re a place you can rely on!

If you’re looking to store your belongings, contact us for your free quote today! We can provide you with a space that will keep your belongings safe and cozy for the holidays. So while you decorate and have a carefree December, we’ll have you covered. Like us on Facebook to stay up to date!