Ready to Organize Your Storage Unit?

The task of organizing a self storage unit you haven’t visited in quite some time can seem daunting and overwhelming, but with a few simple tactics the process can be a stress-free and productive one.

If you haven’t had a need to visit your storage unit in New Westminster recently, it’s quite possible you’ve forgotten exactly what’s inside; this is a common occurrence for those who turn to self-storage for seasonal storage purposes. After all, if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind right?

So where do you begin? Make the process a positive one, and begin one step at a time. Visit your storage unit and start opening boxes, taking items out as you go. You may find precious family valuables or other items that could be sold or donated to charity if they no longer appeal to you.

Here are 5 quick tips Annacis Lock-Up recommends when organizing your storage unit:

  1. Pick a Deadline: Choose a date you are comfortable with committing to, and begin the project at that point. This allows you time to prepare and will also give you the motivation you need to tackle the project in a positive manner.
  2. Divide the Job into Small Sections: Approach the project knowing that it cannot all be done in one visit. Accept the fact that it might take a few visits to properly sift through your belongings thoroughly. Set aside the necessary time, and you’ll save yourself from becoming too overwhelmed.
  3. Keep Belongings Out of the landfill: If you find that you’re coming across personal items you have no use for anymore, do your best to make a home for them. Taking belongings to the landfill should be the last resort, as there are several alternative options such as holding a garage sale, or donating items to thrift stores. Sure, that old chair may not appeal to you anymore, but it might be perfect for another household in New Westminster.
  4. Don’t Make Your Home a Storage Unit:  In many occasions, storage units are rented by Greater Vancouver and New Westminster residents specifically to rid of clutter in their home. Don’t do the opposite by using your basement or garage to store all your unwanted belongings. This creates instant mess and takes up valuable space in your home. When you take the time to organize your storage unit, you’ll gain additional space for those extra items at home.
  5. Seek the Necessary Help: Tackling the job alone can seem difficult and stressful. Turn to a friend or family member who has an eye for organization and can keep you focused on the task at hand. Rearranging your storage unit will in turn, go much smoother and quicker.


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