RV Storage for the Winter Months

Your RV is a considerable investment, and like any major purchase surely you’ll want to get the most out of it for years to come. To keep your RV looking and functioning in great condition, it’s important that it’s not only properly maintained, but that it’s also properly stored away for the winter months.

RV storage checklist

Prior to storing your RV for the season ahead, consider these simple RV storage tips:


Change the oil and oil filter on the RV engine and the generator before putting away for storage. Acids accumulate in used oil and can corrode engine bearings, particularly while not in use for an extended period of time. You should also check the engine radiator for the appropriate amount of antifreeze. Drain, flush and refill the system according to the suggested service times.

Be sure to also check fluid levels for the transmission, power steering, engine oil, windshield washer and brakes. Add antifreeze solution to the windshield washer reservoir to stop it from freezing.

Battery Storage

Chances are you’ll be turning to an RV Storage facility for the duration of winter. Since it will be stored long-term, it’s best to remove the batteries and store them away in a warm storage area, where they won’t freeze. Consider storing them in an indoor storage unit with the rest of your winter belongings. Remember to ensure first that they are fully charged and then disconnect the negative battery cable. It’s best to keep the batteries fully charged while they are in self storage and in order to avoid discharge, batteries should always be stored off the concrete, on wood or Styrofoam, even in climate controlled and radiant heated storage facilities.

Tarps and RV Covers Storage

Tarps should be “breathable” to avoid the formation of moisture. Moisture can rust or corrode your RV over time. It can also lead to mould growth which can be difficult to get rid of and can also be a health concern. Be sure that you protect your RV with a quality cover for the best results. The last thing you want to discover when retrieving your RV from storage is a rotten and/or damaged interior.

Food & Valuables Storage

While this may seem obvious, we want to remind everyone of this; always remove all food from your refrigerator and cupboards. Even a couple of bread crumbs could be enough to attract those unpleasant rodents inside your RV. Once mice and other rodents get inside, they will multiply and that’s never a fun situation to deal with. Prop the cabinet doors open to discourage nesting. While most storage facilities have adequate security features in place, it’s highly recommended that you refrain from leaving any valuables inside your RV. Not only is it a temptation for potential break-in’s, many valuable items will simply break down in extreme temperatures. Any electronic device like LCD monitors (TV screens.) will not weather well. These items however are perfect to store inside your selected storage facility, where they are protected from the elements.

Rodent Control

Food is not the only thing to watch when it comes to rodents. Be sure that you have carefully looked over your RV for any crevices that would be perfect for rodents to sneak through. Be sure to fill any of these areas with foam or silicone prior to storing your RV away. Otherwise, small rodents may make their way inside and chew through vehicle wiring and plastic.

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