Storage Disasters to Stay Away From

Self-storage provides an ideal solution for keeping belongings you don’t currently have a need for, in a safe and secure facility. Like any service however there are several options when it comes to how and where you’ll store items away.  Here at Annacis Lock-Up Storage, regardless of your particular storage needs, we want to ensure that you’re experience is a pleasant and hassle-free one!

Here are tips on how to prevent some common self-storage mistakes:

Choosing a storage unit of the wrong size

Coming to terms that you simply have too many belongings for the amount of space you’ve opted for. This is a regular occurrence, as often people underestimate just how much space their items will take up, and select a storage unit that doesn’t offer enough space to fit it all. Thankfully you don’t have to stress about this concern when you partner with Annacis Lockup Storage.  We have a convenient guide on our website for selecting the right size unit for your needs, plus our trained professionals have the expertise to help with your decision. In fact if you still have concerns after reviewing our website, one of our employees will gladly come to your location to provide an in-house estimate.

Selecting a Storage unit with no climate control

Don’t do it! Several belongings require extra or special care due to their material, cost. The last thing you want is for your valuable records or antiques to crack due to extreme temperatures this winter.  If you’re not quite sure whether you require a climate controlled storage unit or not, speak to one of our specialists and they’ll direct you accordingly. Generally, climate control the safest and most reliable solution for protecting your belongings, so if the service is available to you why not?

Failing to plan properly

Plan out what you’ll be storing and how you will make use of your new storage space. To save any headaches it’s important to have a general idea of where you’re belongings will be situated in the storage unit. In the event you require a specific item, you won’t have to maneuver through a crowded space to find it. Preparing the basics will allow you to remain organized from the very beginning. A good idea is to sketch out a rough layout you can bring with you into the facility as a point of reference. This will also help ensure that you don’t pack the unit haphazardly, with heavy boxes on top of fragile ones. Always, always label all of your boxes as well. It’s easy to forget what you’ve stored away and what you haven’t; be sure to generate a list of the items in your storage unit. For additional security and peace of mind, it’s best to keep a copy of this list at home as well as in the storage unit.

Partnering with a storage facility that lacks adequate security

Remember that you’re essentially handing over some of your most prized possessions, trusting their safe keeping to somebody else. Never sacrifice security when selecting your storage facility of choice!  Look for a storage facility that supplies gated security, video surveillance, fire protection, alarm systems and more. At Annacis Lock-Up Security, we are proud to provide each of these security measures for our customers.

You’ve checked all the boxes, got all your bases covered…or so you think. For example: Did you definitely clean out your toaster oven? (You don’t want to attract any little pests to your storage unit!)

Our 80,000 square foot building of concrete and steel construction provides climate controlled, radiant heated, clean and dry secured storage for our customers’ belongings. Simply discuss with us what you plan to store and we’ll guide you through the storage process, providing you with the most suitable option.

For more information surrounding our self-storage units, or for general inquiries surrounding our services, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. Call 604-527-0388.