Storing Heirlooms and Antiques for the Future

When it comes to safe storage of expensive or meaningful possessions, most people are aware of the importance of finding a cool and dry space for their belongings. Having items stored improperly can often lead to damage and the loss of cherished or valued pieces. In the case of heirlooms and antiques, the value and meaning of these possessions cannot be overstated, which is why it is important for so many people to be sure that their belongings will be safe from harm when they put them into storage. Thanks to the friendly and knowledgeable storage experts at Annacis Lock-Up Storage, people living in the Burnaby, Surrey and New Westminster areas can rest assured that their valued belongings, new or old, will be well looked after and safe from harm. For even more peace of mind, we have prepared a few tips on how to safely store any fragile or valuable heirlooms and antiques in one of our rented storage unit.

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Important Letters, Records, Documents and Photos

What some people might consider old waste paper, others may consider to be a real treasure. Old newspaper clippings, letters and documents concerning a family history or a significant event are often preserved for years by collectors and family historians. Unfortunately, these valued items are among the most difficult to preserve over time. This is due to the fact that most paper products contain some trace of acid, which will break the item down over time. Thankfully there are deacidification sprays available that can help slow this breakdown over time. It is also a good idea to store any books or albums in an upright position, and place documents in a flat position in order to reduce the potential for damage. You’ll also want to avoid using backing paper that contains acid for your photos, and adhesives to keep them in the album.


While not as fragile as paper documents, books or photo albums, it is important to make sure valuable such as jewelry receive thoughtful planning when it comes to storage. Plastic organizers for hardware and fasteners make an ideal place to store and sort old jewelry. Be sure to place some felt in each compartment however, to avoid any nicks or scratches to the jewelry while it is in transit. You might also want to invest in some storage bags made of soft material like velvet for more fragile pieces.

Vintage Clothing

After a while, gravity can be your old clothes’ worst enemy. That is why you should never hang knits or other stretchy materials if you can help it. Delicate pieces should be placed flat into storage and folded around tissue paper so as to prevent the buildup of moisture. You might also consider rolling lace or beaded materials in order to prevent any imprints from forming on other softer textiles such as cotton.


Among some of the most expensive and valuable heirloom or antique items you may own can be artwork, which is why proper storage is of the utmost importance. Never store your artwork in an area where it is touching the floor. Even in a top quality climate controlled, weather sealed storage unit, artwork can warp or become damaged if it comes into contact with a cool surface. If a piece is particularly large, you should put a layer of cardboard and or felt under and between a painting to prevent warping or scratching. In the case of statues or sculptures, they should be wrapped in thick, breathable material such as cotton cloth in order to prevent damage.

If you would like more information on how to best store any of your heirlooms or antiques, feel free to contact us and we will instruct you on how we can help preserve your cherished possessions. Call us today, and keep those valuables safe for the next generation of your family!