Storing Your Clothes & Linens to Avoid Moths & Mould

Over time many of us run into a situation where it seems like we are about to be overwhelmed with all the clothing, bedding, linens and fabrics we have at home. To deal with everything in a neat and organized way, it makes most sense to store it all until we need it. Lots of people living in areas like Vancouver and Richmond, which see all four seasons each year, choose to store seasonal clothing, as well as certain bedding and blankets meant for cooler or warmer weather. If you plan on storing your seasonal clothing for an extended period, be sure to check out some of these helpful tips to ensure your items look the same coming out of storage, as they did going in.

Wash Before Storing

Anytime you wish to store clothing or any type of fabric for a long period of time, you should always make sure your items are properly cleaned before they are put away. Dirty clothes and fabrics can quickly attract the attention of mice, moths and other unwanted critters due to their smell and the presence of bacteria on the fabric. Furthermore, you might consider washing your things with an additional rinse cycle to ensure any bleaches or heavy perfumes from detergent don’t linger in storage. These chemicals can cause damage or discoloration if left for an extended period of time. An old trick is to use dry lavender sachets to ward off moths.

Clean & Dry Containers

If you plan to store your clothes and fabrics for a long time, it is usually best to keep them in a container that is designed for long term storage. Plastic garbage bags and cardboard moving boxes may be handy when it comes to moving, but they are not something you should ever rely on for storage. The best option is a freshly cleaned plastic tote that allows you to safely store your clothes without having to worry about moisture or animals getting in.

Storage Climate Control

The best location for your stored belongings will be out of the way in a cool, dry and dark location. Be sure to scrutinize your storage space for any possible issues with moisture, humidity and ventilation. The ideal location will allow you to elevate your storage containers off the ground, and will have a constant temperature of roughly 20-23 degrees Celsius.

Check ins

For your own peace of mind, and to ensure that nothing causes damage to your belongings, it is a good idea to take the time to do some regular checks of your stored items. Make sure you pack things in storage in an accessible way, so you can easily take a look at each container. You can also take that opportunity to rearrange your storage scheme or take out some more delicate items to let them breathe for a few moments.

Properly storing your clothes and linens goes a long way towards preserving your valued items for years to come. To learn more handy storage tips, or to arrange a safe, clean and secure storage for your belongings, be sure to contact Annacis Lockup today!