Swapping Out Your Summer and Winter Storage Items

It’s an exciting time of year; the sun is shining, temperatures are increasing and BBQ’s are firing up throughout Greater Vancouver! Summertime is almost here, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Finally, you can put away your winter toys, heavy clothing, jackets, and boots! The problem is, do you have adequate space in your home to store these items? If you’re like most homes in New Westminster it can be challenging finding the extra storage without creating clutter and disorganization. As a result, many have made the transition to off-site self storage services as an effective option.

At Annacis Lock-Up Storage you can conveniently swap out your summer items with your winter items, freeing up space in your home for things you’ll need now, on a regular basis.

Step #1: Record all the winter belongings you plan to store away

This may sound strange and unnecessary, but if you have a list on hand it will alleviate stress and time when you’re ready to retrieve your winter items from storage again. It’s recommended that you keep an electronic copy of this list, as documents quickly get misplaced so this option is far more reliable.

Step #2: When you arrive at our facility, r-evaluate your storage unit

If you discover that your storage unit has very little in it in terms of summer belongings, but you have a significant amount of winter items to put away, you may want to invest in a second storage unit, or simply rent a larger one. Cramming everything from basement to ceiling isn’t always ideal, and it makes maneuvering and retrieving things challenging. You’ll save yourself some stress and hassle with a storage unit that is fitting to your needs.

Step #3: As you take out your summer items, make sure everything else is organized and secure

Now is the opportunity to clean and arrange your storage unit. Ensure your items are arranged in a way that makes sense. Double check that your fragile belongings are still protected and that you can easily find your things in the event that you need to remove something quickly. Be sure you haven’t dislodged any of the other items in your self storage unit when you removed your summer things.

Step #4: Store all your winter items back with care

Rather than randomly putting your winter items into your self-storage unit, try to have a method in mind. For example, you might want to rearrange some of the other storage items so that clothing is together, and winter sporting belongings are together in a separate area. Again, organizing your unit simply makes sense. In doing so you’ll efficiently utilize your self storage unit, and make the most of it.

If you’re looking to free up room for your summer belongings, turn to Annacis Lock-Up Storage in New Westminster, for your winter and spring storage needs in Greater Vancouver. Many of our storage units are on the ground level, allowing for quick and fast access. Concerned about security? Not to worry, our first priority is to ensure your storage unit and belongings are safely protected at all times.

Our storage facility features 24 hour security, with a resident manager on site at all times. Your storage unit is protected by your own padlock and only you have keys inside. Each unit has its own alarm, so that if there is any unauthorized attempted entry, it will result in the trigger of an alarm alerting staff of the attempt.

Reserve a unit today! Spaces fill up quickly. Simply fill out our line form to reserve your storage unit. For questions and inquiries surrounding our facility or pricing, please get in touch with us today. We are always happy and willing to help! Call 604-527-0388