The Top 12 Questions to Ask About Self Storage

Self-storage is a wonderful invention that has provided many conveniences to nomads, collectors, and movers alike over the years. Whether you have needed to temporarily store your belongings during a life change, or you use a storage unit as a place to store oversized belongings, there is nothing that matches the ease of self-storage. Many individuals may also use a storage unit in Vancouver if they find themselves renting a small apartment that doesn’t have quite enough space for all of their items.


As convenient as relying on self-storage can be, it’s natural to have some apprehensions about using it, especially if it’s your first time relying on a storage unit. Here are the answers to the top 12 questions that are most commonly asked about self-storage.

12 Most Common Questions to Ask About Self Storage


1. How Big Is The Average Self-Storage Unit?

We’re glad you asked! As there are many different reasons why a customer may seek self-storage, it makes sense that storage units can come in several different sizes. In general, the smallest self-storage unit will be around 25 square feet or 250 cubic feet. The units are then available in incremental sizes all the way to 200 square feet (2400 cubic feet), which is generally the largest size that is available.


2. How is The Security of My Unit Protected?

For self-storage companies, the number one priority is always keeping your belongings safe. While security measures may vary depending on the facility, we can use Annacis Lockup as an example. At Annacis Lockup, there are a number of precautions in place to protect storage units in Vancouver. These include the installation of individual door alarms, well-lit areas, trained professional staff, as well as fire alarms, sprinklers, and smoke detectors.


3. Do I Need to Commit to A Contract When I Rent a Storage Unit?

No — or at least you shouldn’t need to. It is possible to rent a unit on a month to month basis at Annacis Lockup with no long term commitment required.


4. Is it Possible to Ensure My Belongings While They’re in Storage?

Yes! While your items are not generally automatically insured while they are in storage, many facilities will work with you to secure an insurance policy that works for you and will protect your belongings from unlikely catastrophic events that not even the most strict security policies could prevent.


5. Are There Any Items That I Cannot Keep In a Storage Unit?

Yes. Although storage units are useful places to store the majority of your belongings, there are laws against keeping certain things in your storage units, such as live plants or animals. It is also not permitted to live in your storage unit.


6. How Much Will Self-storage Cost?

The answer to this question will vary based on your storage unit’s size, but prices will generally range from $99 per month for the smallest units and $450 per month for the largest.


7. What Kind of Locks Are Used in Storage Facilities?

This is a great question to ask. While this will greatly depend on the particular storage facility, we can take a look at the most common types of locks that a storage facility might use. Many facilities will either use a keyed lock or a keyless (combination) lock. However, unfortunately, both of these lock types can be vulnerable to thieves or lock-pickers. Due to this, many storage facilities will use what is called a disc lock, which is a lock specifically designed for storage units. Some may also use electronic keypads.


8. Will My Storage Unit Be Climate-controlled?

Whether or not your storage unit will be climate-controlled is a very understandable concern, especially if you live somewhere that experiences extreme temperatures. The good news is that it is the industry standard for self-storage units to be climate controlled in order to protect keepsakes that may be affected by temperature shifts.


9. Is it Possible to Tour Storage Unit Before I Commit it?

Absolutely. Just like you would not be likely to sign a lease on an apartment before visiting, you are not expected to choose a storage unit without first seeing it for yourself. It is recommended that you take a look at the storage unit you would like to rent before finalizing your rental to ensure that it will hold all of your items.


10. I’m Concerned About Pests Getting into My Personal Items. Is There Anything Done to Prevent This?

Just like concerns over temperature fluctuation or security breaches, it is very understandable that you would be concerned about bugs and pests getting into your belongings. The good news is that there are easy steps that you can take to help ensure that bugs will not make it into your storage unit, like wrapping mattresses and upholstered items tightly and not leaving any food residue among your belongings.


11. I’m Concerned About the Environmental Impact of Self-storage. Is There Such a Thing As An Eco-friendly Storage Facility?

Yes! And good on you for being a steward of the environment. At Annacis Lockup, for example, we protect our surrounding environment by using motion-sensor lighting, radiant heating, and paperless billing when possible.


12. Do I Have to Pay For My Storage Unit in Person?

No! Or, at least — you shouldn’t have to. Most modern storage facilities can easily offer you online billing, which makes it more convenient to fit paying for your unit into your busy schedule.


If you any questions about self-storage in the Greater Vancouver area, please contact Annacis lock up now.