The Uni Students Guide to Summer Storage

If you’re a student, you probably know the feeling of packing up your dorm room for the last time. You’ve lived there for almost a year, and now it’s time to say goodbye. Before you do that though, make sure you don’t forget anything! This can be easier said than done if you have a lot of stuff or if your room is quite small. Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do to make sure that all your belongings are accounted for before they leave the building (or go into self-storage). Here’s what we recommend:

Invest in a decent storage box

You’ll need to invest in a decent storage box. Or three. Investing in good storage boxes will make your life much easier and save you money in the long run.

You can find cheap ones online, but they may be flimsy and not last long. If you’re going to buy one, why not get one that’s good quality? It might cost more initially but it will last longer–and it will be worth every penny when you don’t have to replace it every couple of months! If you see yourself moving in and out of dorm rooms for the next four years, this can be an important investment.

Look at reviews on Amazon or other websites where people write about their experiences with products before buying them; this might give you an idea of whether buyers were happy with what they bought and how well it worked for them over time (or didn’t).

Find out what space you have to store things

Before you start packing, it’s important to find out how much storage space you have. This is usually something that students will discover when they move into their accommodation and get a tour of their room. If this hasn’t happened yet, ask your landlord or university if they can let you know what size your room is so that you can plan accordingly.

Once you know how much space there is in your accommodation, think about what items will need storing and make sure they fit into the allocated area before deciding on where each item should go. It may seem like common sense but sometimes students forget about furniture such as wardrobes or beds when planning where everything else will go!

Keep items in their original packaging

You may be tempted to remove the packaging from your belongings, but this is not a good idea. If you want to keep an item safe and secure, it’s best to keep it in its original packaging. This way, if you end up moving again, you’ll have packaging conveniently covered. Ideal for tucking away in self-storage and transporting, resist the urge to unwrap items if not absolutely necessary.

Label everything

Label your books, your clothes, your shoes – even your food! It sounds like a lot of work to label everything, but it will save you so much time in the long run.

Labelling can be done with a label maker or marker (and if you’re feeling fancy, a printer), but there are also plenty of apps that allow you to print labels directly from your phone or computer screen. Label websites are another option if you don’t want to buy any equipment at all!

Consider renting space in a storage facility

Renting storage units in Vancouver is a good idea if you have lots of things to store. Or if you need to store them for longer than the duration of your time away over the summer.

If you’re planning on moving between school and your parent’s house in the next few years, renting self-storage space might be better than buying something new. You can also use this as an opportunity to get rid of some items that are taking up room in your flat or house!

Optimize for space

There are lots of things you can do to make the most of your storage space at university.

  1. Use storage boxes. These are a great way of packing up all of your belongings in one place, so they’re easy to find when you need them. They also help keep things organized and neat in their designated places when they’re not being used, so it’s less likely that you’ll misplace anything while searching through piles on the floor or under furniture.
  2. Consider renting space in a self-storage facility if there isn’t enough room in your dorm room for everything you want to keep safe from harm (and theft) over the summer. Just remember never ever EVER forget where exactly this location might be located because otherwise…oops?


We hope these tips have helped you to make the most of your storage space at university. Remember that it’s important that you keep your items in good condition, so don’t forget to label them and keep them in their original packaging whenever possible. If you want to store anything for long periods of time then consider renting space from a storage facility like Annacis Lock-Up Storage.