Tips on Storing Clothes in the Summer

Storing Clothes in the Summer

Choosing the perfect outfit on any given day can be difficult enough without having to sort through your out of season pieces. To help make it easier to find the right outfit for the beautiful summer weather, and to help you get the most out of the storage space in your home, check out these helpful tips on storing clothes.

Store your clothes according to season.

You may already be doing this at least twice a year when you switch your wardrobe for the warmer or cooler months of the year. However, you may want to consider doing this four times a year instead, once for each season. This can become particularly beneficial if you have a large selection of clothing and live in a region which experiences each season in full force.

Sort your clothes according to type.

Keeping certain types of clothes together will not only make it easier to find exactly what you want to wear on any given day, it will also go a long way towards making it easier to store your clothes in your house or in storage according to season. Try keeping your jeans separate from your shorts, or your tanks and tees separate from your sweaters to make everything easier to find.

Box and bag it up.

For the clothing items that you find you rarely wear, you might want to consider a more permanent storage solution. Nowadays there are many different ways you can keep your clothes clean and out of the way in order to save space in your home. Clear plastic containers are great for storing clothes, along with clear plastic storage bags. The latest storage solution for clothes which helps you same ample space are the vacuum seal clothing bags, which can actually be shrunk to maximize the amount of storage space you have to work with.

Find a permanent storage solution.

You may find that even though you have a clean closet, you’re still running out of storage space in the rest of the house due to all the boxes and bags of clothes you find yourself with. This can be especially true in the summer, with items such as winter jackets and boots that can easily take up significant space in a back room or downstairs closet. To avoid this type of clutter, you may want to move your winter garments and any other clothes you aren’t wearing into a private storage facility. Having a storage space outside of your house can also make it easier when it comes time for the seasonal clothing switch.

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