Vending Machine Commercial Storage & Moving

For years Annacis Lockup has provided customers with excellent storage services that help keep all types of belongings and valuables safe and secure. In addition to our top quality indoor storage facilities located in the Vancouver and Richmond areas, we are pleased to offer additional specialty services to our valued customers. One major part of storing valuable items is having the means to safely and securely move these items to and from storage. For the most part, our customers are able to haul their own items, or make their own arrangements to move these items themselves. There are some special cases however, where even an experienced residential moving company may not have the skill or equipment to move something as heavy and fragile as a vending machine. That is where our partner company Accent Movers can provide commercial moving assistance.

When it comes to hauling heavy items like a vending machine, they have all the necessary skills and moving equipment to handle the job. Our moving team is well versed when it comes to planning and moving large items over long distances and even up stairs! The biggest challenge you can encounter when moving a vending machine is how to keep it safe from harm during the move. This requires specific technical knowledge, as well as an array of expensive specialized equipment like a heavy load dolly. The team at Accent Movers has specific knowledge about how to safely secure, transport and move large or heavy specialty items like a vending machine, so you can rest assured that your machine will arrive safely, on time and fully intact.

When you think about secure self storage, you may not always consider how things will get moved to and from your storage facility. When it comes to keeping your large valuable items safe from harm, Annacis Lockup is ready to help in any way we can. The next time you have a large vending machine that you need safely moved and stored, be sure to contact our team of storage professionals. To find out more about other unique services from Annacis Lockup, be sure to contact us today!