What to Do with Cardboard Moving Boxes in Vancouver

Moving can involve a lot of waste. From tape and packing peanuts to leftover food, if not executed thoughtfully, it’s easy to end up with a lot of unnecessary garbage filling your bins. Not to mention the personal investments you’re leaving behind such as fixtures, countertops, mantels, and other home upgrades. Pair that with the gas mileage burned from hiring a fleet of moving trucks and you’re burning money left and right.

Whether you’re moving houses or gathering items to add to your self-storage unit, you’re probably using a ton of cardboard boxes. Luckily, cardboard is a versatile material and can be put to good use once the move is complete. In a city as green-minded as Vancouver, it’s not hard to have an environmentally friendly plan of action post-move. Here are some ways you can put your excess cardboard to good use:


1. Make Furniture

This is an odd one and likely a DIY idea you’ve never put any stock into. However, you may be surprised to learn how strong cardboard is when assembled correctly. Some pieces can turn out quite beautiful as well. Avid DIYers make side tables, bookshelves, even bed frames. It’s a great way to save some money and put your spare cardboard to good use.

If want to partake but don’t love the idea of your front room being full of cardboard furniture, it’s a fun activity to involve kids in. If you have kids of your own or young siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, or neighbours, making cardboard furniture is a great way to spend a rainy day in Vancouver.


2. Make Drawer Dividers and Organizers

Moving is chaotic to say the least. The best way to offset the mayhem is through efficient organization. While this best takes place through every step of the moving process, you can further the organization in your new home by making DIY cardboard drawer dividers. It’s an exciting way to use leftover cardboard with a purpose.


3. Start Mulching

Does your new home have a garden? Start sheet mulching with your cardboard boxes. When planted in your garden, sheet mulches keep grass and weeds from growing through. This keeps your plants safe from unwanted vegetation. Sheet mulching is also a great way to convert a sod lawn into a beautiful, booming garden. Some gardeners use plastic sheets; however, cardboard is a much more sustainable option for your garden.


4. Make Kids’ Crafts

Ever give a present to a child, only to have them play with the box rather than the $300 Lego set? Kids love cardboard, especially when in the shape of a box. Thankfully, there are endless amounts of activities you can do with them. You can build dolls houses, pencil holders, and forts, or use them as canvases for paint projects. From pretend washing machines to rocket ships, here’s a list of 31 cardboard things you can make to blow your kids’ mind.

If you have young kids and leftover boxes, you can flatten and store them for a rainy day. In Vancouver, you’ll get those a lot. Break them out when needed to give a days’ worth of entertainment to your stir-crazy household.


5. Store for Shipping

You may not need these boxes now but down the line they could be incredibly useful. Think of the last time you scrambled to find a box to ship those Christmas presents in. Or if in the process of opening your new order, you ripped the box beyond repair only to discover the company sent you the wrong blender. Keeping a few boxes in case of emergency can save you a trip to the store to buy more.


6. Use for Compost

Vancouver has a green bin program to encourage composting. While it’s a great initiative to take part in, compost bins can get a tad smelly without regular cleaning. To keep your bins a bit cleaner, you can line them with cardboard to absorb the moisture from food waste. This keeps your bins fresher and makes the cleanup less taxing. Plus, the cardboard is compost friendly!


What’s Next?

Whether you’re moving houses, offices, or just need some extra space, our climate-controlled facilities at Annacis Lock-Up Storage are the solution. Granting accessibility, affordability, and ease of use, our self-storage lockers can keep your belongings safe short and long-term. Contact us today to find the right size unit for you!