What to Look for in a Storage Unit?

It’s that time of year once again. Summer has come to an end to make room for fall leaves, pumpkin patch photoshoots, and warm, woolly sweaters. But before you break out your rain boots and cardigans, it’s time to evaluate how much summer clutter you want laying around your home. From inflatable pools and beach chairs, to swimsuits, water-skis, and kayaks, you can relocate these summer items from your overstuffed closet to a public storage facility.

Looking to save time, stress, and space? Amazing! You can do so by renting a designated self-storage unit, the perfect place for keeping your belongings safe and out of the way. However, with several options and a variety of offered features, how do you find the ideal storage unit in Vancouver? Here’s what you should look for in a self-storage unit:

Location, Location, Location…

Firstly, where are you storing from? This will help determine which storage facility is right for you, as you likely don’t want to drive 6 hours out of your way for a pair of swim goggles. However, while location is important, so is price. Storage units that are more centrally located, such as in downtown Vancouver, are often more expensive than those found in suburban areas. Therefore, consider how often you’ll want access to your unit. If it’s every week, choose one that’s close to you for optimal convenience. Alternatively, if you don’t require regular access, save some money where you can and store a little farther from home.

Size of Storage Unit

Obviously, your unit needs to comfortably hold your belongings, or this whole process is rendered moot. On the other hand, you don’t want to go too big as cost increases with size. Since there’s no point paying for storage you don’t need, take inventory of the items you’re wanting to store, then start browsing appropriate unit sizes.

To help narrow down applicable self-storage units, you can use a handy online calculator or reach out for a personal assessment by a storage expert.  Prior to securing a unit, you may want to give your larger items a quick measure, especially for oddball ones that fall outside standard sizing.

Types of Storage

This one plays into unit size but is worth diving into deeper. There are a couple options for you to consider when it comes to the type of storage unit you’re needing:

Indoor or Outdoor Storage

When deciding between indoor or outdoor facilities, consider the following factors first. While outdoor tends to be the less expensive of the two, it doesn’t come with as many amenities as indoor facilities offer. So, before choosing, consider the types of items you’re storing and the environment they’re best stored in. Do they need to be in a climate-controlled facility? If so, indoor storage is the best option as they offer temperature and humidity control, unlike outdoor facilities that are more exposed to the elements.

Vehicle Parking

Are you needing a safe spot to store your vehicle? Whether it be a motorcycle, car, RV, or boat, you’ll want to prioritize a facility that can safely store your vehicle. To ensure the safety of your vehicle, ensure that the facility you choose offers 24-hour security with secure access.


Not all storage facilities are created equal; therefore, best search for one that prioritizes the safety and well-being of your belongings. Here are some special features you’ll want to consider before storing:

  • Climate Controlled. Certain companies offer temperature and humidity-controlled units. This is ideal if you’re storing furniture made from wood, leather, or metal, or fine items such as artwork, electronics, antiques, wine, medical supplies, sporting equipment, photographs, instruments, etc. Whether short or long-term, don’t compromise the integrity of your belongings by storing it in the wrong environment.
  • Security Systems. What’s the security like at the facilities you’re considering? While most storage companies prioritize their security systems, it’s important to pick one that puts you at ease. For example, at Annacis Lock-Up, our facilities are guarded by an electronically alarmed system, a perimeter fence, and security lighting. Each unit has its own 24-hour alarm system, which alerts the on-guard security staff if an unauthorized entry is attempted.
  • What’s the protocol for accessing your unit? At Annacis, we offer extended service hours to ensure you can access your belongings outside of 9-5. With your own personalized gate access code, you can securely get through the security fence to your unit.

Did You Search “Storage Units Vancouver”?

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