What Will Fit in Our Self Storage Unit Sizes?

Storing your items with Annacis Lock-Up is a great way to ensure your belongings stay safe and secure while removing some clutter from your own property. Before getting started on the actual storage however, it is important to find the right size storage unit for your specific needs. To help you decide what size storage unit will best suit your storage requirements, take a look at our unit sizes and the brief description of the common uses for each listed below.

Common Size of Self Storage Units

1. 5x5x10

Think of this type of storage unit like an extra closet. People tend to store extra boxes and bins with things like seasonal clothing, decorations, books, etc. A unit this size can also be used to store small furniture items like a desk and chair, making them great for students living at home for the summer.

2. 10x5x10

This storage unit has enough space to handle the amount of furniture and belongings typical for a single bedroom or studio apartment. Unlike the smaller 5×5 unit, occupants of the 10×5 unit will be able to fit items like a couch or a kitchen table in their storage space.

3. 10x10x10

This sized storage unit is one of the most popular choices found at our facility. Customers prefer the extra flexibility they can get when packing a wide range of items into the 10×10 storage unit. For a visual comparison, think of this unit as a regular-sized bedroom common to most Vancouver homes. Things like a bed, dressers, chairs, desks and a significant amount of stacked boxes or bins can be easily stored in a 10×10 unit.

4. 10×15

This large-sized storage unit is ideal for storing the entire contents of a small home, or a 2 bedroom condo. People who find themselves frequently travelling for work can make use of these types of storage units if while they are living abroad. A unit this size can also accommodate a small car or a boat if necessary.

5. 10×20

Now we are getting into some serious square footage for storage. A unit this size can easily handle the contents of a large, four-bedroom home. For the most part this type of storage space is only required by families who need a safe place to keep their belongings that also has easy access. Vacationers who own something like an RV or a trailer can also benefit from a storage unit of this size that can easily fit most large-sized vehicles.

6. 10×30

Typically the average individual won’t ever need a storage facility this big. In most cases, a 10×30 unit will be ideal for multi-vehicle storage and commercial use. Business owners in construction, landscaping or snow removal can certainly benefit from having a dry and secure place to store any equipment or vehicles with round the clock access.

Hopefully, these descriptions and examples give you a good idea about which of our storage spaces will be right for your needs. For more information, or to start renting a storage unit in New Westminster, be sure to contact Annacis Lock-up today!