Why Do People Use Self-Storage Units?


It’s very common for the typical person to hold onto various belongings because they aren’t ready to “let them go”. While you may not be using that antique vase or some patio furniture at the moment, there may be an occasion where you wish to use it….right? Understandable! But in the mean time, storing these items in your home in New Westminster and greater Vancouver area is only taking up space and causing extra clutter.  Why not consider renting storage space for those personal belongings that you don’t need at the moment.

A storage space is a rentable room offered by storage facilities, and its purpose is to provide a safe and secure area, where you can confidently keep your belongings in an enclosed area, until you are ready to retrieve them again.

Whether you’re interested in storing furniture, antiques, paintings, clothing, electronics, or even boats and RVs, at Annacis Lock-Up Storage in New Westminster we have storage spaces of all sizes to fit your unique requirements. Not only are storage spaces rented to free up personal space, but they are also rented for protecting valuable items such as artwork. Paintings and antiques can’t be kept in just any room at any temperature. Basements are typically damp and therefore storing artwork in an area such as this will leave it vulnerable to damage and rot. To preserve your paintings and other art pieces, you should ideally keep them in a climate-controlled environment where temperatures are set appropriately.

Are you preparing for a move in the near feature? Renting a self-storage space is a practical and helpful solution that will make your move a less stressful one. But why do people use storage spaces when they could use a moving truck? There is a simple explanation; it’s for security and additional space. At our self-storage facility in New Westminster on Annacis Island, every storage space is equipped with its own alarm; any unauthorized attempted entry will cause the alarm on your unit to trigger, informing staff and the security monitoring station of the attempt.

Why use Annacis for your self-storage needs? We go the extra mile to allow for easy storage that ensures the protection of your belongings. Many of our storage units are on the ground level, allowing for quick and easy access, plus each unit is individually alarmed and climate controlled with radiant floor heating.

Are you interested in learning more about our self-storage units and how a storage space might benefit you? Visit our conveniently located New Westminster storage facility or contact us by telephone at 604-527-0388