Winter Storage Tips

This time of year the weather can get fairly cold and damp for a few months in the Burnaby and New Westminster areas. As this type of weather starts to fully set in, any unprotected outdoor furniture, garden decorations and pool toys left out in the yard can quickly get damaged. Even items stored in seemingly protected areas such as sheds or dry spaces under a deck or along the side of the house can become damaged in the wet and cold weather. To avoid the hassle of having to clean, repair or replace your patio furniture and other outdoor items all together next year, you might want to consider renting a storage unit from Annacis Lockup.


When temperatures fluctuate like they do during the winters in southern BC, it can be difficult to keep items like outdoor furniture dry, even in the storage shed in your yard. Each winter the Vancouver area experiences temperature swings between highs of 15 and lows of -8 degrees, which means frozen water can easily thaw and seep into dry areas where it can freeze again and cause serious damage to your belongings. Water that doesn’t freeze can also cause a great deal of damage, as it can make fabrics and plastics start to get mouldy. When this happens, the lifespan of these products becomes significantly shorter, causing you to have to spend money replacing them in the future.

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Most patio furniture cannot withstand continued exposure to cold and damp weather. Even aluminium furniture that doesn’t rust can still take damage during the winter if it is not kept in a dry place. Many people often cover their wood or wicker deck furniture during the winter, which can actually do more harm than good if water seeps beneath the protective coverings and gets the wood damp. Wicker furniture can also warp and become brittle once it dries out if it is not properly stored during the winter. As for any metal furniture that is not made of aluminum, there is really no better way to prevent rust and corrosion than keeping the furniture in a warm and dry place for the duration of the winter season. The same goes for pool toys and other backyard accessories like patio umbrellas and garden decorations. The best way to keep these items in top quality condition is to store them in a warm and dry place for the winter as well.

With all of the outdoor items that need to be stored indoors this winter, you may quickly start to run out of space in your basement or crawlspace. To keep your items dry and intact this winter, without putting too much clutter in your home, it is best to rent a storage unit from Annacis Lockup. We have a selection of top quality storage units available in a number of different sizes that can suit all of your storage needs as well as your budget. To avoid having to replace your outdoor furniture and items next spring, take advantage of our winter storage facilities at Annacis Lockup. To find out more, you can visit our website, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter to receive the latest updates on upcoming promotions.